Hardest World History Quiz


1 - Under which Ottoman sultan were the Janissaries finally abolished in 1826?

2 - What were chinampas?

3 - In what city did Charles de Gaulle make his promise of a new partnership with French colonial populations in 1944:?

4 - Of which 19th century battle is this a painting?

5 - According to some legends, which Welsh prince might have reached the New World in the 12th century?

6 - How many Dalai Lamas have there been?

7 - Which modern country did Marco Polo mean with Zipangu?

8 - Who was the first woman elected to the British House of Parliament?

9 - What Islamic dynasty was founded by Sultan Saladin?

10 - Who founded Lisbon?

11 - Which US political party was the first to use national conventions to nominate presidential candidates?

12 - In which city were General Franco's headquarters located during the Spanish Civil War?

13 - What were coenobites?

14 - Midway was the first Japanese naval defeat since:

15 - Who was surnamed the 'Father of History'?

16 - By what disaster was St. Pierre, the old capital of Martinique, destroyed?

17 - Of what Near Eastern kingdom was the ancient city of Petra, in modern day Jordan, the capital ?

18 - Which of the following ports was seized by the British in 1839 and eventually became a British colony?

19 - Of the following Nazi leaders, which one was NOT condemned to death at the Nuremberg trial?

20 - Which king of Norway founded the city of Bergen in 1070?