Hardest World History Quiz


1 - Which Arab capital was founded in 969 CE by the Fatimids?

2 - How many million immigrants came to the United States between 1880 and 1900?

3 - Which modern author is famous for his historical novel about Julian the Apostate?

4 - Which US politican shot and killed former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton (who currently appears on the $10 bill) in a duel?

5 - What was the last Mongol state to be conquered by a foreign power?

6 - Which future American President helped deliver food help to occupied Belgium during the First World War?

7 - Which was the first Boer state in South Africa?

8 - Which ruler of the 'Rus' conquered the Jewish Turkic state known as Khazaria?

9 - Ethnike Hetairia was a secret society organized to liberate which region from Ottoman rule in the early 19th century?

10 - Which of the following ports was seized by the British in 1839 and eventually became a British colony?

11 - Under which Ottoman sultan were the Janissaries finally abolished in 1826?

12 - Which fortress in the Caribbean was known as the "Gibraltar of the West Indies"?

13 - What Islamic dynasty was founded by Sultan Saladin?

14 - Which famous poet and scientist was employed by the Seljuqs to reform the Islamic calendar?

15 - Which Roman Emperor allegedly made his horse senator?

16 - Which of the following lands was not part of Muhammad Ali's Egyptian Empire in the early 19th Century?

17 - From where is the oldest known law code in the Greek world (shown below) originated?

18 - How many Dalai Lamas have there been?

19 - What were chinampas?

20 - Which of the following statement is NOT true of Jean Bedel Bokassa, former ruler of the Central African Republic?