Hard Science & Technology Quiz


1 - How was the NASA probe Climate Orbiter lost in 1999?

2 - What model of rocket is shown below?

3 - What top speed does a TGV (French high speed train) reach in commercial service?

4 - How far away from is the Earth from the Sun (on average) ?

5 - The pH scale measures...

6 - What are the four fundamental interactions between particles?

7 - For research in what field did Paul C. Lauterbur and Sir Peter Mansfield win the Nobel prize of Medicine in 2003?

8 - During WW2, the British created a machine called Colossus to break the German Fish cypher. Who was not involved in the project?

9 - Who was the only US Astronaut to fly aboard Gemini, Apollo and the STS (Shuttle), including two maiden flights?

10 - Which element was named after the country 'Cyprus'?

11 - Which of the following is not a formula for energy?

12 - What is the quark combination in a proton?

13 - Who is the only person to hold a patent on a chemical element?

14 - Of the following animals, which is the most closely related to humans from an evolutionary point of view?

15 - Which computer language was originally not interpreted?

16 - Who discovered and capitalized alternating current?

17 - What is a perfect number?

18 - What does EPROM stand for (in relation to computers)?

19 - How do organisms use Adenosine Triphosphate?

20 - What is the name of the largest known cellestial body belonging to the Solar system that lies beyond the orbit of Pluto?