Hard World History Quiz


1 - Which European nation briefly conquered Taiwan in the 17th century?

2 - What was the name of the (possibly mythical) first ruling dynasty of China?

3 - How is this medieval coin called?

4 - Who was president of the United States when the first southern states seceded from the Union?

5 - Which people occupied the Nile delta during the Second Intermediary Period?

6 - Which city served as a co-capital of the ancient Persian empire and was the scene of a bizare mass wedding between hundreds of Alexander the Great's soldiers and native women?

7 - At what city did King Henry IV of Germany submit on his knees to the authority of Pope Gregory VII in 1073?

8 - Which Middle Eastern empire created its own language for government use?

9 - In which city did German liberals gather in an attempt to establish a united, democratic Germany in 1848?

10 - Who was the first Caliph?

11 - When was the Welsh act of Union?

12 - King Mongkut is known as the Father of Modern ___ ?

13 - Who brought the name Santa Claus with them to the New World?

14 - Who is this man?

15 - Who is Stamford Raffles?

16 - How did the Mycenian civilisation come to an end?

17 - When did Newfoundland become a part of Canada?

18 - Which Russian tzar was killed in his bedroom on March 11, 1801?

19 - What was the capital of the Zulus under King Cetshwayo?

20 - What was the official faith of the last independent Yemenite Kingdom before the arrival of Islam?