Normal World History Quiz


1 - Who was this African Ruler?

2 - Against which country did William the Silent, Prince of Orange, lead his revolt?

3 - When was Kosovo declared independent?

4 - Approximatively how many people were killed in Europe by the Black Death pandemic in the 14th century?

5 - What is the date of Charlemagne's coronation?

6 - Which country employed Henry Hudson to find the famous 'NorthWest-Passage'?

7 - In the 960s, having been defeated in war by Pandulf (the Duke of Capua) and with Berengarius II (King of Italy) looking to take control of Rome, Pope John XII requested the help of which ruler?

8 - In what year did Constantine the Great hold the Council of Nicaea?

9 - How many women do most experts agree Jack the Ripper killed?

10 - Which of these nations had an army in excess of 1 million men in the 70s?

11 - What was the title of the leader of the Genoan Republic?

12 - What is the oldest political party in the western world?

13 - Under which sultan did the Ottomans capture Constantinople from the Byzantines in 1453?

14 - After being released from prison in 1953, to which country was Fidel Castro exiled?

15 - In 1901, US President William McKinley was fatally shot by Leon Czolgosz. What kind of political extremist was Czolgosz?

16 - From what country did Britain begin to recruit Gurkha soldiers in 1816?

17 - What was the capital of Republican China (1928 - 1949)?

18 - What entity did Napoleon replace the Holy Roman Empire with in 1806?

19 - After whom was Virginia named?

20 - Which book is said to have played an important role in the Hungary uprising against the Soviet-Union?