Easy World Today Quiz


1 - Who is the current president of Egypt?

2 - Of the following countries, which one is a declared nuclear power?

3 - How long has Fidel Castro ruled Cuba?

4 - Who was the only US President to have headed a labor union?

5 - What is the currency of South Korea?

6 - What was the official Russian court language during the reign of Nicholas II?

7 - Of which religion is Manmohan Singh, India's current Prime Minister?

8 - Who is David Kelly?

9 - Which of the following affirmations is NOT true for Nigeria in 2003?

10 - What are the three regions (Gewesten) of Belgium?

11 - By which countries was the European Economic Community, the ancestor of the European Union, established?

12 - In which country, currently divided in two parts, did the prospect of adhesion to the EU fueling the first serious reunification talks since partition?

13 - What do the countries colored in green below have in common?

14 - Who was the last President of the USSR?

15 - Which of these countries is not a monarchy?

16 - Who was the only President of the United States to serve more than two terms?

17 - Which dynasty rules Jordan?

18 - In which of the following countries is a Maoist guerilla challenging the governement?

19 - In which African country did the US briefly send peacekeepers in 2003?

20 - Of the following statements concerning Zimbabwe, which was not true in 2003?