Easiest World Today Quiz


1 - Who was the first black president of South Africa?

2 - Who was president of the United States during the (first, US-led Coalition against Iraq) Gulf War?

3 - What is the name of the first black South African President?

4 - In which city did the first big anti-globalisation manifestations take place?

5 - Which US president was the first to visit the People's Republic of China?

6 - Shortly after the begining of the war in Iraq, the Bush administration seemed to accuse one of Iraq's neighbors of hiding Weapons of Mass destruction that were smuggled out of Iraq, leading to many jokes about America invading which Middle Eastern country next?

7 - What is the capitol of Afghanistan?

8 - Which South American country is shown below?

9 - What is the OPEC?

10 - Which country successfuly managed to place a man in orbit around the Earth recently, thus becoming the third nation with manned space capabilities?

11 - east berlin was controlled by which country

12 - There are two big parties in German politics, one is Conservative, the other is...

13 - In which country was Osama bin Laden killed ?

14 - From which language does Afrikaans, the original language of the white South-Africans, come?

15 - Who is Joseph Kabila?

16 - What is the capital of Scotland?

17 - Which of the following countries does not have a Shia Muslim majority?

18 - Of the following countries, which are members of the NAFTA?

19 - Which of the following countries does not have a monarch as head of state?

20 - Indonesia is predominantly: