Hardest World History Quiz


1 - What country saw native religion fused with Christianity in 1865's 'Hau Hau' movement?

2 - With which region of South Asia is the early 19th Century empire of Ranjit Singh associated with?

3 - Of which 19th century battle is this a painting?

4 - In what year did Alaric the Goth sack Rome?

5 - In which modern African country did Courland have a fort?

6 - In which city were General Franco's headquarters located during the Spanish Civil War?

7 - Which fortress in the Caribbean was known as the "Gibraltar of the West Indies"?

8 - What country shipped out the first ever shipment of frozen meat in 1877, and to which country?

9 - What other european language is related to Finnish?

10 - Of the following Nazi leaders, which one was NOT condemned to death at the Nuremberg trial?

11 - Which US political party was the first to use national conventions to nominate presidential candidates?

12 - What was the name of the first Inquisitor General of Spain, infamous for his persecution of Jews and Muslims?

13 - Who rode alledgly through the streets of Coventry nude to protest against the high taxes imposed by her husband on his tenants?

14 - Under which Ottoman sultan were the Janissaries finally abolished in 1826?

15 - What were coenobites?

16 - Who was the leader of Muslim resistance to the establishment of French rule in Western Algeria from the mid-1830s until his final surrender in 1847?

17 - Which state was not a German elector in the 16th century?

18 - Who wrote the first version of the Dutch constitution as used today?

19 - How many million immigrants came to the United States between 1880 and 1900?

20 - Who wrote the Edda down?