Hardest World History Quiz


1 - Which of the following lands was not part of Muhammad Ali's Egyptian Empire in the early 19th Century?

2 - Which Egyptian Queen is shown here?

3 - Where was the first British colonial railroad?

4 - On top of the French, Portuguese, Dutch and English who also had trading posts in India?

5 - Who lost the Battle of Tannenburg (or Grunwald) against Poland-Lithuania in 1410?

6 - Which ruler united the Khmer Empire?

7 - What was the last Mongol state to be conquered by a foreign power?

8 - What had the Spartan youth to do to prove they were adults?

9 - By what name was the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, known?

10 - In which modern African country did Courland have a fort?

11 - Who proclaimed himself emperor of the USA and Protector of Mexico, even printing his own money?

12 - Which Arab capital was founded in 969 CE by the Fatimids?

13 - The Muslim League was established in 1906 in India as a result of the decision by the British to partition which province?

14 - Who is Baha'u'llah?

15 - Where was Cyrus the Great's tomb built?

16 - Of the following Nazi leaders, which one was NOT condemned to death at the Nuremberg trial?

17 - Ronald Reagan made his first political appearence in 1964, giving a speech for which conservative Republican presidential candidate?

18 - In what year did Alaric the Goth sack Rome?

19 - Which of the following ports was seized by the British in 1839 and eventually became a British colony?

20 - Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?