Hardest World History Quiz


1 - Where was the first UN Security Council meeting held?

2 - Who wrote the books about Old Shatterhand and Kara Ben Nemsi?

3 - Which Hellenistic monarch was killed at the battle of Ipsus in 301 BC?

4 - Domingo Sarmiento and Bartolome Mitre were leaders in which Latin American nation in the 19th century?

5 - The 'quinquennium Neronis', probably the first 5 years of Nero's reign, was said to have been a golden age. Who apparently said this?

6 - Which of these countries was not involved in cracking down on the Boxer Rebellion in China over the turn of the 19th century?

7 - What had the Spartan youth to do to prove they were adults?

8 - Under which Ottoman sultan were the Janissaries finally abolished in 1826?

9 - What was the Apadana?

10 - By what disaster was St. Pierre, the old capital of Martinique, destroyed?

11 - What was the most populous tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy?

12 - Where was Cyrus the Great's tomb built?

13 - Which ruler united the Khmer Empire?

14 - What were chinampas?

15 - Of what Near Eastern kingdom was the ancient city of Petra, in modern day Jordan, the capital ?

16 - Which Arab capital was founded in 969 CE by the Fatimids?

17 - Which Mughal Emperor is associated with the ending of accomodation of Hindus into the political system and the attempt to make the Mughal Empire a purely Islamic state in the late 17th century?

18 - When did Brunei become independent?

19 - Upon what was the devshirme tax levied by the Ottomans on their Christian Balkan populations?

20 - Which was not a British King?