Hardest World History Quiz


1 - Who lost the Battle of Tannenburg (or Grunwald) against Poland-Lithuania in 1410?

2 - What were coenobites?

3 - Which ruler of the 'Rus' conquered the Jewish Turkic state known as Khazaria?

4 - Who rode alledgly through the streets of Coventry nude to protest against the high taxes imposed by her husband on his tenants?

5 - Who was surnamed the 'Father of History'?

6 - Which of the following statement is NOT true of Jean Bedel Bokassa, former ruler of the Central African Republic?

7 - Which state was not a German elector in the 16th century?

8 - With which region of South Asia is the early 19th Century empire of Ranjit Singh associated with?

9 - The Persian satrapy of Skudra included which two areas?

10 - Which Hellenistic monarch was killed at the battle of Ipsus in 301 BC?

11 - When did Brunei become independent?

12 - Where was the first British colonial railroad?

13 - What country built the first purpose-built oil tanker in 1886?

14 - What was the the capital of Dacia?

15 - Who built the Great Zimbabwe (ruins shown below)?

16 - In what city did Charles de Gaulle make his promise of a new partnership with French colonial populations in 1944:?

17 - Which was the last Etruscan City to came under Roman power?

18 - Who was this important '60's African political leader?

19 - What had the Spartan youth to do to prove they were adults?

20 - By what disaster was St. Pierre, the old capital of Martinique, destroyed?