Hardest World History Quiz


1 - In 19th century American politics, what was a 'Loco-Foco?'

2 - Which of the following happened the earliest in the United Kingdom?

3 - Who wrote the Confessions?

4 - What were chinampas?

5 - The Persian satrapy of Skudra included which two areas?

6 - In what city did Charles de Gaulle make his promise of a new partnership with French colonial populations in 1944:?

7 - By what disaster was St. Pierre, the old capital of Martinique, destroyed?

8 - Which king of Norway founded the city of Bergen in 1070?

9 - Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?

10 - The 'quinquennium Neronis', probably the first 5 years of Nero's reign, was said to have been a golden age. Who apparently said this?

11 - How many Dalai Lamas have there been?

12 - Which Theban leader is credited with the formation of the famous Sacred Band?

13 - From which city did the Ottoman grandee Ali Pasha dominate the western Balkans in the late 18th century?

14 - Who is Baha'u'llah?

15 - What was the name of the first transatlantic passenger steamship?

16 - Where was the first British colonial railroad?

17 - Who was the first woman elected to the British House of Parliament?

18 - Which state was not a German elector in the 16th century?

19 - Who was the last truely Egyptian Pharao before the conquest of Alexander the Great?

20 - Who was the leader of Muslim resistance to the establishment of French rule in Western Algeria from the mid-1830s until his final surrender in 1847?