Hardest World Today Quiz


1 - What is the only African country with a daily German newspaper?

2 - During Putin's first term, Russia re-adopted the old Soviet national anthem, although with new lyrics. Why had the original post-Soviet anthem fallen out of favor?

3 - Which Canadian city claims it is the coldest city with a population of over 500,000?

4 - Who is Andrés Manuel Lopez?

5 - Which Dutch Prime Minister resigned in 2002, along with his governement, following the publication of a report accusing his governement's mismanagement of Dutch peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia of having provoked the Srebrenica massacre?

6 - Roughly how many French soldiers are currently enforcing the cease-fire in Ivory Coast, as of early 2005?

7 - Where is the Asian Development Bank headquartered?

8 - Which of those ex-SSR has the smallest Russian minority (in percentage of population)?

9 - In 2002, Lula da Silva won the Brazilian presidential election. What other candidate did he beat in the second round?

10 - In what country did carbon dioxide gas building up at the bottom of Lake Nyos bubbled out of the lake and killed some 1,700 villagers living nearby in 1986?

11 - Which of those religions is not recognised by Iran's constitution?

12 - Senator Jim Jefford left the US Republican party in 2001, throwing control of the US Senate to the Democrats until 2003. What state was he from?

13 - Which country contains the greatest number of speakers of Welsh, after the UK?

14 - What is the name of the pedophile whose arrest shocked Belgium in 1996?

15 - Of the various European countries who voted on adhesion to the EU in 2003, which voted in favor with the biggest margin?

16 - Which French daily was accused of conflict of interests and biased objectivity in a best-seller published in 2003?

17 - In what country or U.S. state was the world's first oil well sunk in 1859?

18 - Which is the northernmost Chinese province?

19 - Of the following countries, which intervened in the Congolese Civil War?

20 - Who is the president of the main Japanese opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan?