Hard Science & Technology Quiz


1 - What is a Lagrange point?

2 - Who discovered and capitalized alternating current?

3 - What are the craters on Venus named after?

4 - What has been found to be special about the star BPM 37093 in Centaurus?

5 - Which extra solar planet is currently known as orbiting a brown dwarf?

6 - Sikhote-Alin is a well-known name to Space enthusiasts. But who or what was he/ she / it?

7 - What was the diametre of the biggest Kamtchatka crab found?

8 - How was the NASA probe Climate Orbiter lost in 1999?

9 - What potential source of danger to space travellers was discovered by this Scientist?

10 - What does 'SAS' stand for (when related to computer hard disks)?

11 - Given the following standard phase diagram (temperature vs pressure) of compound y, what phase or phases of matter are present at point x?

12 - What bridge shook itself to destruction leading to the new science of wind engineering?

13 - Which of these standards is not used for connecting daughter boards to computers' mother board?

14 - What is the biggest asteroid in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter?

15 - Which computer language was originally not interpreted?

16 - Which one has explored the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot in the ocean?

17 - Which of the following are all leptons?

18 - The Three Gorges Dam in China will be the world's biggest when complete. When did the construction start?

19 - During WW2, the British created a machine called Colossus to break the German Fish cypher. Who was not involved in the project?

20 - Of the following, who did NOT take part in the development of the first steam engines?