Hard World History Quiz


1 - From which country did Singapore receive Independence?

2 - Many scholars choose May 6, 1527, as an end point for the Renaissance. What event occurred on that date?

3 - At what city did King Henry IV of Germany submit on his knees to the authority of Pope Gregory VII in 1073?

4 - What was the capital of the Zulus under King Cetshwayo?

5 - How did the rule of Charles V of Spain end?

6 - When was the Welsh act of Union?

7 - Who is this man?

8 - In which city did German liberals gather in an attempt to establish a united, democratic Germany in 1848?

9 - Which European nation briefly conquered Taiwan in the 17th century?

10 - Brazil has had 3 capitals during its history. Which are they?

11 - Who is Stamford Raffles?

12 - Who was this famous painter?

13 - Which Brazilian president ordered the construction of Brasília?

14 - The Khanates of Astrakhan and Kazan were conquered in the reign of which Muscovite ruler?

15 - What was the name of the (possibly mythical) first ruling dynasty of China?

16 - Friedrich Barbarossa died in 1190, to the great relief of Saladin, while travelling through Asia Minor on crusade. On which Crusade was this?

17 - Which Chinese dynasty moved the capital to Beijing?

18 - How did the Mycenian civilisation come to an end?

19 - When was Malaysia formed?

20 - The 25th Dynasty of Egypt originally ruled which foreign empire?