Hard World History Quiz


1 - What Russian leader often staged elaborate mock battles when he was a boy?

2 - Rising from political obscurity, this dark horse candidate defeated the famous Henry Clay in the 1844 US Presidential elections on an expansionist platform. In four years, he fulfilled virtually all of his campaign promises by taking the current American southwest from Mexico, forcing Great Britain to give up their claim to the southern half of the Oregon territory, slashing tariffs, and building an independent treasury. He then retired and died a few years later. Who was this protege of Andrew Jackson nicknamed 'Young Hickory' or 'Napoleon of the Stump?'

3 - Which Brazilian president ordered the construction of Brasília?

4 - Of which ancient civilization is the mural below typical?

5 - How is this medieval coin called?

6 - When did the last emperor of China ascend the throne?

7 - Where is the oldest university in Europe?

8 - In which US State had Sweden for a time a Colony?

9 - What political coalition was elected in France in 1936?

10 - Which parts of South America beside Surinam and the isles was colonized by the Dutch at some point?

11 - Who was the last Great Khan of Mongolia?

12 - The Swahili culture is the result of a synthesis of the cultures of costal East Africa and colonizers from:

13 - Which of these battles was largely a Russian success?

14 - This Soviet premier, a former KGB head who suceeded Brezhnev, was seen as a potential reformer (even as pro-Western) by much of the European and American press, despite his rather conservative actions. He died after little over a year in office due to acute kidney failure. Who was he?

15 - Which of the following was not part of the reforms undertaken by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk during his rule in Turkey?

16 - On July 2, 1881, lawyer and itinerant preacher Charles Guiteau fatally shot recently-elected US President James Garfield. Why?

17 - What was the capital of the NorthWest Territory in the modern day USA?

18 - Polish General Thaddeus Kosciusko served in which foreign country's military?

19 - Where did Charles the Bold, last reigning Duke of Burgundy, die?

20 - Which people occupied the Nile delta during the Second Intermediary Period?