Hard World History Quiz


1 - After Japan closed itself from foreigners in the 17th century, from which nationality were the only traders who had the right to trade with Japan in the bay of Osaka?

2 - What was the official faith of the last independent Yemenite Kingdom before the arrival of Islam?

3 - In which Greek City can you find the first monumental sculpture of Greece (shown below)?

4 - The Khanates of Astrakhan and Kazan were conquered in the reign of which Muscovite ruler?

5 - What was the capital of the Zulus under King Cetshwayo?

6 - In which modern country does Kapilvastu, birthplace of Buddha, lie?

7 - Which of the following was not part of the reforms undertaken by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk during his rule in Turkey?

8 - Which South American country fought against the combined armies of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay from 1864 to1870?

9 - Brazil has had 3 capitals during its history. Which are they?

10 - Which parts of South America beside Surinam and the isles was colonized by the Dutch at some point?

11 - Who was sometime called the "Bohemian corporal"?

12 - Who is Stamford Raffles?

13 - In which country was the use of the longbow first reported?

14 - Which of the following was never part of the Britsh Empire?

15 - Which of the following US Presidential elections had the closest electoral vote?

16 - What did the Battle of the Plains of Abraham decide?

17 - What was the name of the Swiss satelite-state that was established in 1798 by the French?

18 - On July 2, 1881, lawyer and itinerant preacher Charles Guiteau fatally shot recently-elected US President James Garfield. Why?

19 - Who was president of the United States when the first southern states seceded from the Union?

20 - What is Offa's Dyke?