Hard World Today Quiz


1 - Which of those religions does not have a significant (over 1% of the population) presence in Thailand?

2 - Which country/countries has/have the most representatives in the European parliament?

3 - Who was the first civilian Brazilian President after the end of the military regime (1985)?

4 - In which West European nation lives the biggest Jewish minority?

5 - In what two years did Japan adopt constitutions?

6 - Which Island in the Caribbean is split between France and the Netherlands?

7 - Which of those are EU members which have not adopted the Euro?

8 - What is the second largest city in the Czech Republic?

9 - Since the 13th century, Andorra has had two co-rulers. One is the Spanish bishop of Urgel. Who is the other?

10 - Which two countries were responsible for the training of the new Afghan army?

11 - When was the WTO founded?

12 - Which parliamentary group is the largest in the European parliament elected in 2004?

13 - In which of the following countries was GNP growth SLOWEST in 2002?

14 - Which of these cities is not on Honshu, the main Japanese island?

15 - Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the longest serving asian Head of Government, retired in 2003. He was Prime Minister of:

16 - How many states does the Federal Republic of Germany consist of?

17 - What is the name of the argentinian president that succeeded Menem?

18 - Which of these countries are part of the Mercosur?

19 - Which of the following countries has the highest life expectancy?

20 - Who was the first non-communist Prime Minister in a post Warsaw Pact country?