Normal World History Quiz


1 - Which of these cities never was a capital of Assyria?

2 - On which side did Finland fight in WWII?

3 - From which civilization is this building?

4 - Which Greek city founded the most colonies in the 9th century BC?

5 - Which Egyptian Pharao tried to impose a monotheistic religion?

6 - Which two countries in Latin America had had an emperor in the 19th century?

7 - Against which country did William the Silent, Prince of Orange, lead his revolt?

8 - After whom was Virginia named?

9 - What Russian city was established in the 1860s after Russia's annexation of Chinese territory along the Sea of Japan?

10 - In what year did Constantine the Great hold the Council of Nicaea?

11 - Which treaty, signed by Italy, Germany, and Japan in 1940, recognized the right of each member to 'establish a new world order' in their respective parts of the world?

12 - What is the oldest political party in the western world?

13 - After being released from prison in 1953, to which country was Fidel Castro exiled?

14 - Of which country was Finland part before 1809?

15 - Which of the following territories was the last to remain under Spanish rule?

16 - What was the first continental European state to complete its rail network, in the 1840s?

17 - Which of these countries lost the least men in WW1?

18 - Which of the following groups were not given official recognition under the Ottoman empire?

19 - On the 16th April 1746, the last pitched land battle to have taken place in Britain took place, in which the hopes of 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' came to an end. What was the name of this battle?

20 - How many women do most experts agree Jack the Ripper killed?