Normal World History Quiz


1 - What entity did Napoleon replace the Holy Roman Empire with in 1806?

2 - The Seven Weeks War was between which countries?

3 - Which of these nations had an army in excess of 1 million men in the 70s?

4 - Many US states, most famously Texas and Hawaii, were once independent countries. Which of the following states was also independent at one time?

5 - Which of the following is NOT considered an American objective in the War of 1812?

6 - Which Greek city founded the most colonies in the 9th century BC?

7 - When was Kosovo declared independent?

8 - On which side did Japan fight in the First World War?

9 - On which side did Finland fight in WWII?

10 - After whom was Virginia named?

11 - What Russian city was established in the 1860s after Russia's annexation of Chinese territory along the Sea of Japan?

12 - Which country employed Henry Hudson to find the famous 'NorthWest-Passage'?

13 - Who lost a battle in England on the 25th September 1066?

14 - Under which sultan did the Ottomans capture Constantinople from the Byzantines in 1453?

15 - Of what Italian City was the flag below (with variations) the emblem?

16 - What was the capital of Republican China (1928 - 1949)?

17 - Which two countries in Latin America had had an emperor in the 19th century?

18 - Who was this African Ruler?

19 - How did the Byzantines call themselves?

20 - Of the following dynasties, which was arguably one of the superpowers of the ancient world, rivaled only by the Romans, with whom they were often at war? They were based in modern-day Iran.