Normal World History Quiz


1 - What was the original European name of Australia?

2 - How many women do most experts agree Jack the Ripper killed?

3 - Which of the members of the triumviate died first?

4 - What was the title of the ruler of Athens for most of the 14th century?

5 - In 1901, US President William McKinley was fatally shot by Leon Czolgosz. What kind of political extremist was Czolgosz?

6 - After the emperor of China, Pu Yi , was captured by the communist, what occupation did he take?

7 - What was the capital of Republican China (1928 - 1949)?

8 - On the 16th April 1746, the last pitched land battle to have taken place in Britain took place, in which the hopes of 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' came to an end. What was the name of this battle?

9 - Which of the following is NOT considered an American objective in the War of 1812?

10 - Which of these countries lost the least men in WW1?

11 - Only five US Presidents have had full beards. What did they all have in common?

12 - Which American Civil War battle had the highest number of casualties?

13 - On which side did Finland fight in WWII?

14 - Which English Queen was executed May 19, 1536?

15 - After whom was Virginia named?

16 - Which Greek city founded the most colonies in the 9th century BC?

17 - Which of these cities never was a capital of Assyria?

18 - Under which sultan did the Ottomans capture Constantinople from the Byzantines in 1453?

19 - What entity did Napoleon replace the Holy Roman Empire with in 1806?

20 - Which famous politician popularised the term "Iron Curtain" to describe the separation of Europe during the Cold War?