Normal World History Quiz


1 - What is the oldest political party in the western world?

2 - Which of the following groups were not given official recognition under the Ottoman empire?

3 - Who founded the Red Cross?

4 - Which were the members of the Kalmar Union?

5 - All three times Mexico has been invaded from the sea (by the Spanish, by the Americans, and by the French), the invaders have landed at virtually the same location. Which modern Mexican city does that location correspond with?

6 - The Seven Weeks War was between which countries?

7 - Which of the following territories was the last to remain under Spanish rule?

8 - Only five US Presidents have had full beards. What did they all have in common?

9 - Which of the members of the triumviate died first?

10 - When was Kosovo declared independent?

11 - What entity did Napoleon replace the Holy Roman Empire with in 1806?

12 - In the 960s, having been defeated in war by Pandulf (the Duke of Capua) and with Berengarius II (King of Italy) looking to take control of Rome, Pope John XII requested the help of which ruler?

13 - What was the name of Tokio before the Meiji restoration?

14 - Approximatively how many people were killed in Europe by the Black Death pandemic in the 14th century?

15 - Which country employed Henry Hudson to find the famous 'NorthWest-Passage'?

16 - How much did the Federal State of Germany spend on German Reunification between 1990 and 1999?

17 - How did the Byzantines call themselves?

18 - Which of these countries lost the least men in WW1?

19 - After the emperor of China, Pu Yi , was captured by the communist, what occupation did he take?

20 - Who fought in the Winter War (1939-1940)?