Normal World History Quiz


1 - From which civilization is this building?

2 - Who founded the Mughal dynasty?

3 - Approximately what percentage of Hohenzollern Kings of Prussia or Germany were named 'Frederick', 'Wilhelm', or the combination 'Frederick Wilhelm'?

4 - How much did the Federal State of Germany spend on German Reunification between 1990 and 1999?

5 - All three times Mexico has been invaded from the sea (by the Spanish, by the Americans, and by the French), the invaders have landed at virtually the same location. Which modern Mexican city does that location correspond with?

6 - What Russian city was established in the 1860s after Russia's annexation of Chinese territory along the Sea of Japan?

7 - When did Austria become Austria-Hungary (the Dual Monarchy)?

8 - Which of these cities never was a capital of Assyria?

9 - Which monarch launched the Spanish Armada against England?

10 - In the 960s, having been defeated in war by Pandulf (the Duke of Capua) and with Berengarius II (King of Italy) looking to take control of Rome, Pope John XII requested the help of which ruler?

11 - What was the title of the ruler of Athens for most of the 14th century?

12 - What was the title of the leader of the Genoan Republic?

13 - Which of the following is NOT considered an American objective in the War of 1812?

14 - Which of these nations had an army in excess of 1 million men in the 70s?

15 - Under which sultan did the Ottomans capture Constantinople from the Byzantines in 1453?

16 - Which of these countries lost the least men in WW1?

17 - Which Pope launched the First Crusade?

18 - What was the first continental European state to complete its rail network, in the 1840s?

19 - On which side did Finland fight in WWII?

20 - On which side did Japan fight in the First World War?