Normal World History Quiz


1 - In the 1st Century BC, Crassus (reportedly the richest man of Rome) led a disastrous and embarrassing campaign against who?

2 - Which American Civil War battle had the highest number of casualties?

3 - How many women do most experts agree Jack the Ripper killed?

4 - Of which country was Finland part before 1809?

5 - Which two countries in Latin America had had an emperor in the 19th century?

6 - Which famous politician popularised the term "Iron Curtain" to describe the separation of Europe during the Cold War?

7 - Only five US Presidents have had full beards. What did they all have in common?

8 - What is the oldest political party in the western world?

9 - In the 960s, having been defeated in war by Pandulf (the Duke of Capua) and with Berengarius II (King of Italy) looking to take control of Rome, Pope John XII requested the help of which ruler?

10 - Which Greek city founded the most colonies in the 9th century BC?

11 - What was the name of Tokio before the Meiji restoration?

12 - Which of the following groups were not given official recognition under the Ottoman empire?

13 - Which Pope launched the First Crusade?

14 - On which side did Finland fight in WWII?

15 - Who founded the Red Cross?

16 - Who founded the Mughal dynasty?

17 - Which country employed Henry Hudson to find the famous 'NorthWest-Passage'?

18 - Which English Queen was executed May 19, 1536?

19 - The following is an extract from the Bayeux Tapestry, a famous Middle-Age artwork. What does it represent?

20 - Which of these cities never was a capital of Assyria?