Normal World History Quiz


1 - What entity did Napoleon replace the Holy Roman Empire with in 1806?

2 - Which treaty, signed by Italy, Germany, and Japan in 1940, recognized the right of each member to 'establish a new world order' in their respective parts of the world?

3 - After being released from prison in 1953, to which country was Fidel Castro exiled?

4 - The following is an extract from the Bayeux Tapestry, a famous Middle-Age artwork. What does it represent?

5 - Approximately what percentage of Hohenzollern Kings of Prussia or Germany were named 'Frederick', 'Wilhelm', or the combination 'Frederick Wilhelm'?

6 - How did the Byzantines call themselves?

7 - Which English Queen was executed May 19, 1536?

8 - After what was the former British Colony Rhodesia named?

9 - On which side did Finland fight in WWII?

10 - What is the date of Charlemagne's coronation?

11 - Who formed the first Roman Triumvirate?

12 - Who founded the Mughal dynasty?

13 - Which American Civil War battle had the highest number of casualties?

14 - What was the only non-western country to participate to the Berlin Congress of 1885?

15 - Which of the following is NOT considered an American objective in the War of 1812?

16 - Who lost a battle in England on the 25th September 1066?

17 - Which were the members of the Kalmar Union?

18 - Who founded the Red Cross?

19 - Many US states, most famously Texas and Hawaii, were once independent countries. Which of the following states was also independent at one time?

20 - Which was not an Iranian dynasty?