Normal World Today Quiz


1 - Which neutral island nation has recently served as the place for Saudi/Iraqi soccer games and a chess match between one of the world's top computer and human players, and is also famous for its heavy use of desalinization plants?

2 - What modern countries fragmented out of Simon Bolivar's Gran Colombia after eleven years in 1830?

3 - Which of these four nations does NOT hold a UN seat?

4 - The largest single purchase of land (in area) made by the United States in its development was from which nation:

5 - Which country is not a member of the free trade south american organization (Mercosul)?

6 - In which city is the famous arabic TV-Channel Al-Jazeera situated?

7 - Which Mediterranean island has been a source of conflict between Turkey and Greece in recent times?

8 - Before becoming President of Georgia, what post did Eduard Shevardnadze hold?

9 - The Japanese legislative body is called:

10 - What is the name of the leader of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), captured by Turkey in 1999?

11 - Who is the current emperor of Japan?

12 - Who killed Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi?

13 - Who was the first women president of Chile?

14 - Which Bush cabinet member once lost an election to a dead man?

15 - To what navy belongs the only non-US nuclear aircraft carrier?

16 - By whom was the Sandinista goverment of Nicaragua headed in the late 70s?

17 - Which of the following is not a member of NATO as of 2003?

18 - Just before the Iraq war, where did the main countries in favor held a conference?

19 - Which Belgian political party was condemned for pursuing permanent incitement to discrimination and racial segregation in 2004?

20 - As of December 2003, which political party controls the Israeli government?