Easy World History Quiz


1 - What palace is shown below?

2 - In what year did a Wall Street crash start the "Great Depression"?

3 - Where was the largest Jewish state in history located?

4 - The Balkan Wars lasted from:

5 - Which of the following is one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

6 - What was Ferdinand de Lesseps's greatest achievement?

7 - What was the first capital of ancient Egypt?

8 - What happened in France in 1789?

9 - Which of these modern-day areas did Rome not completely conquer?

10 - Which American nation had a native European-style monarchy for over fifty years?

11 - During the American Civil War, who was President of the Confederate States of America?

12 - To which country did Russia send 200,000 troops to stop its loss of land to multiple independent nations?

13 - Which of the following was a Portuguese colony?

14 - Between which European Powers was the Crimean War mainly fought?

15 - Why was Greenland called Greenland?

16 - Which Roman Emperor converted to Christianity, legalised and supported it though never made it the official religion?

17 - Of which country was Salazar dictator?

18 - In which city did the Russian Revolution start?

19 - What country won the first World Cup of football (soccer) in 1930?

20 - How many U.S. Presidents were assassinated during their terms in office, and who were they?