Easy World Today Quiz


1 - George Bush and Tony Blair are famous for their closeness. To which of the following pairs have they been compared?

2 - To which ethnic and linguistic minority group belong Spain's most active terrorist group, once even plotting (unsucessfully) to kidnap Antonio Banderas?

3 - In which city is the International Criminal Court situated?

4 - Which of these SE Asian countries is not a member of ASEAN, the regional group for SE Asia?

5 - What is the only catholic-majority country in Eastern Asia?

6 - Who was the only President of the United States to serve more than two terms?

7 - What is the capital of Morocco?

8 - When did the Korean War officially end?

9 - By which countries was the European Economic Community, the ancestor of the European Union, established?

10 - Which Latin American country defaulted (failed to pay its debts) in 2001, provoking a severe economic crisis?

11 - Of which religion is Manmohan Singh, India's current Prime Minister?

12 - Which African country is shown below?

13 - What is the most populated Muslim-majority nation today?

14 - Who is the current President of Mexico? He was elected in 2000, breaking the seven-decade monopoly of the Institutional Revolutionary Party on Mexico's government.

15 - What is the currency of South Korea?

16 - Which two countries are the only neighbours of Costa Rica?

17 - Who is David Kelly?

18 - Who are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council?

19 - Which Chinese greater metropolitan area recently passed 20 million inhabitants, becoming China's largest urban center?

20 - Before his election as Brazilian President, which have been the former professional activities of Luis Ignacio 'Lula' da Silva?