Easiest World Today Quiz


1 - Which State's votes finally decided the 2000 US Presidential election?

2 - What is the name of the first black South African President?

3 - Of the following countries, which are members of the NAFTA?

4 - In what city is the European Commission installed?

5 - Which of these countries does not have German as an official language?

6 - After WW2 Germany was divided (into occupation zones) between which victorious powers?

7 - Of the following countries, which is not included in the negotiations on the etablisment of a 'Free Trade Area of the Americas'?

8 - In which city did the first big anti-globalisation manifestations take place?

9 - What is the capital of Turkey?

10 - Which of the following countries does not have a monarch as head of state?

11 - From which country were the majority of the 9/11 hijackers?

12 - What is the OPEC?

13 - Which South American country is shown below?

14 - Which US president was the first to visit the People's Republic of China?

15 - Who was president of the United States during the (first, US-led Coalition against Iraq) Gulf War?

16 - Which country successfuly managed to place a man in orbit around the Earth recently, thus becoming the third nation with manned space capabilities?

17 - According to George W Bush, which three countries formed the Axis of Evil?

18 - east berlin was controlled by which country

19 - From which language does Afrikaans, the original language of the white South-Africans, come?

20 - What colonial power lost control of modern-day Vietnam in a bloody war prior to the Vietnam war?