Normal Science & Technology Quiz


1 - What is El Nino?

2 - Which of the following companies has not developed an 'Office suite' of programs for the Windows OS?

3 - How many more times heavier is the Sun than the Earth?

4 - How many dwarf planets are currently recognised by the International Astronomical Union in our solar system?

5 - Brass is an alloy of which two metals?

6 - From which country is Linus Torvalds, writer of the Linux kernel?

7 - What is the unit of energy?

8 - Who owns the trademark C(ompact) D(isc)?

9 - Who discovered Charon, the satellite of Pluto?

10 - What are currently the two ways to achieve temperature and pressure required to initiate nuclear fusion?

11 - Neanderthals are named for the place where their bones were discovered, which was a:

12 - Roughtly how long ago did the Sun form?

13 - What is the most massive planet in the Solar System?

14 - Refraction is due to:

15 - Richard Feynman is a famous:

16 - Of the following, which is the closest definition of a laser?

17 - What is a micro-kernel?

18 - In the name of the disc type, what does CD stand for?

19 - What are the 4 Galilean Satellites?

20 - Which of the decimal number below corresponds to the binary number 00101010?