Normal Science & Technology Quiz


1 - What is the most massive planet in the Solar System?

2 - What is El Nino?

3 - Which of these is a self propagating, self replicating computer program?

4 - In the English system of measurement, what was the original value of a yard? (it is now 36 inches)

5 - What is a micro-kernel?

6 - Which of these is heavier ?

7 - Brass is an alloy of which two metals?

8 - Which of these is not a moon of Uranus?

9 - What is approximatively the circumference of the Earth?

10 - Who owns the trademark C(ompact) D(isc)?

11 - What does the first Moore's law state?

12 - Who allegedly invented a mechanism where a pipe fitted in spiral inside a tube will raise water or grain when turned?

13 - What is the name of Pluto's satellite?

14 - Which of these is a star?

15 - Euclid's 'The Elements' is a book about what?

16 - How many dwarf planets are currently recognised by the International Astronomical Union in our solar system?

17 - What particularity of Europa is of particular interest to scientists?

18 - Which physical law is behind the idea of a rocket engine?

19 - What are the 4 Galilean Satellites?

20 - Of the following, which is the closest definition of a laser?